TWILIGHT – Life, After Retirement

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This is another Curriculum Based Coaching Program that is specifically aimed at helping people who have crossed their 50s. The curriculum includes Re-discovering Oneself; Identifying Focus Areas post Retirement, Understanding the Power of Giving, Understanding Body Dynamics, Managing Money, and Completing Relationships.
In today’s times, the average life expectancy is 85 years. Assuming that a person retires from active professional life in mid 50s, there is still 35 long years of life, one is expected to live. At the point of retirement, there will be moments of happiness in some people, that they are getting a richly deserved break. However, within one of year of retirement, many people find it difficult to spend time in a meaningful way. The very feeling that one is not spending post-retirement time in a meaningful way, itself could cause several hazards. Another challenge that many people face, is to find the right type of activity that provides not only income, but also provides a feel good factor. Many people, when they approach the retirement age, experience the feeling of ‘Mind is willing, but Body is not’.

Our exclusive Coaching Program, that is spread over 3-4 months of time, provides right answers to these and several other important questions.

Ideal Program for those who have retired from their active life in the recent past, as well as who are going to attain retirement in the next 6-12 months.

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