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In today’s Business Environment, Corporates prefer a new joinee, especially at the Entry Level, to be equipped with certain Skills that reduces the ‘downtime’ which the Corporates suffer, in preparing the new entrant pick up the ropes.
With a large multitude of talent being available for the Employers to choose from, it will certainly be a head start for that job seeker, who equips himself with few of those Skills.

The Curriculum that the students undergo in their academics, unfortunately, does not equip them with practical tips to enter and succeed in Corporate life. Consequently, many students find it challenging to cope up with Corporate Challenges, once they get a job. Getting a job that supports one’s strengths, is another challenge.

DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited intends to bridge this Gap, by providing purposeful interventions, both at the Corporate Level, and the College Level, by taking following actions:

  1. Identifying Specific Skill Needs of Entry Level Executives;
  2. Imparting those Skills to the Student Community, both at the Class Room and at Practical Level;
  3. Facilitating Interviews with right companies.

DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited currently provides Employability Skills Training Programs for the BFSI, Retail, Real Estate and IT Sectors.

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