LIFE PITSTOP – Mid Life Crisis

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Given the fact that most of us are on a perennial journey of pressure filled life, one is in a rat race, spending a significant portion of time in trouble shooting.
When a motor car which runs few laps in its race, needs a pitstop to recondition itself before embarking on its journey, is it not frugal for people to spend some quality time, to pause, reflect and if required, redefine their life goals?.

Life Pitstop, is a Program that is aimed at helping individuals re-discover themselves, and equip with a new purpose, to achieve their Life Goals.

The Program includes Psychometric Assessments that helps them identify their strengths and challenge areas, besides identifying a clear path through our unique fool proof Goal Setting Process. The individual is coached on effective methods to achieve their life goals.

Approximate duration of this Coaching Program is 3-4 months.

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