Individual Transformation

Transformation is definitely not about becoming somebody. Individual Transformation is about operating from the effective side of one’s personality. It is also about understanding one’s strength and challenge areas, and continuously working on enlarging their strength areas, so that their life’s goals are achieved. It is all about getting better when it comes to Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits.

Individuals change through their life span, as they interact with this context, influenced and constrained by their personal genetic inheritance and environmental impact. Individual development from infant to mature adult, is a process of transformation where the transitions to successive stages are generally barely noticeable, without a close scrutiny.

In the journey of life, it is not uncommon to see one getting struck, or even doubt whether one is marching in the right direction. It is very important to note that while hard work and proper strategy will lead one to Success, attaining Happiness demands that the direction that we choose to travel, is the right one.
It is a fact that every stage of life presents its set of unique challenges, and it is very important that an individual gets right answers at the right time. WHAT NOW, or WHAT NEXT, may appear threatening questions, especially in the absence of a Competent Coach.

Fortunately, there is DYNAMINDS CONSULTING PRIVATE LIMITED, whose Coaches are specifically trained to help individuals identify their life challenges, and overcome them in the least stressful way.

Forever Life

When two Individuals agree to travel their journey of life, together, we are talking of a journey that would last well beyond 50 years.

It will do a great favour to both the individuals, if they are able to understand each other’s Strengths, Challenges, Fears, Aspirations, etc. What causes understanding to the person and what causes friction, why does a person communicate the way one does, how each can complement the other, are some of the revelations that one need to understand about a spouse.

As a famous saying go – Two people means Four Opinions! While there will be differences of opinion between two people, they should not end up as major discords, as this will affect not only the two people involved, but also their family members. It might even stop one from effectively performing a Professional role.

Good news is that not all marital discords need to end up in the Court Room. As well- meaning and competent Coaching Company, we are both committed and capable of helping the two persons gain a better understanding of each other.

After all, differences between two people need to be celebrated – and not to be left for either public discussions or a Judge to decide.

In today’s times, Personality and Behaviour Compatibility is as important as Astrological Compatibility.

Mid Life Crisis

When was the last time you left your vehicle for Servicing, so that it came back to you fully charged up to serve you once again?

When was the last time you took a break in your journey of life, to take a fresh look at the progress you have been making? Have you been able to achieve both Success and Happiness together?

Given the fact that most of us are on a perennial journey of pressure filled life, one is in a rate race, spending a significant portion of time in trouble shooting.

When a Motor Car which runs a few laps in its race, needs a Pit Stop to recondition itself before resuming its journey, is it not frugal for people to spend some quality time, to pause, reflect, and if required, redefine their life goals?

Each one of us are born to Achieve, and attain both Success and Happiness. Through this Coaching Program, we help individuals unravel two important steps towards their life Mission. What to do? And How to do?

Way Forward

Children are the future of our Country, is a cliché that we have been hearing for a long time. This Statement could not be more relevant now, than at any time before.

Take a look at the following numbers, and you will understand why.

Almost 50% of Indians are below 24 years. India is credited to being the World’s largest Education Centre. Over 3.5 Crore youngsters pass out of their School Education every year. Almost all of them enter College Education, by being part of either 47 Central Universities, or 365 State Universities, or 123 Deemed Universities of 269 Private Universities.

This will give us a fair idea about the competitive world our children live in. Obviously, there can be lot of stress on the young minds.

Though the current Student to Teacher ratio in Primary Schools, as compared to earlier times, is a healthy 32, it is way above, when compared to other Countries like China, and few developed Countries such as France and Sweden. With the pressures of completion of curriculum behind their mind, the Teaching Staff are not able to devote longer time in addressing the learning needs of all the Students.

In terms of the efforts a student puts to master the academia, there definitely is a need to shift from Hard work to Intelligent work.

How nice it will be, if Learning becomes a Pleasure rather than Pressure?

How nice it will be, if the Student were to be aware about his/her preferred choice for receiving knowledge, and memorizing it?

How nice it will be if the Student were to know the method through which his/her Quality of Learning Experience is enhanced?

How nice it will be, if the Student were to choose an Academia that is in tune with his/her Strengths and Mental Abilities?

Well, our unique Program WAY FORWARD, provides right answers to all these, and beyond.


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