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Business Transformation is all about making the right moves on how Business needs to be conducted in order to align with ever dynamic market conditions. It is also about ensuring that people – the MOVERS AND SHAKERS of a Business Enterprise – possess the right Competency and Mind Set, to align with Organization Objectives.

When it comes to Business, nothing is more valid than the famous cliché – CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT.

Like in the case of Individuals, Business Houses too have challenges of various dimensions. Just like an individual, Business Houses too travel different stages, and a Professional help from outside, to successfully manage its journey, is both helpful and desired.

Every intervention of DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited is carefully designed to ensure that Business Houses are able to scale up its Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping is a process of identifying Key Competencies required for performing a job, and mapping those Competencies to existing levels in the person who is performing the Job. Obviously, there are tools that help in measuring the existing levels of competencies in a person. In fact, we are Masters in that!

Obviously, the next step is to bridge the gap through various processes such as Job Rotation, Training, or even fresh recruitment.

Selecting the Right Candidate

Recruitment has a Cost built to it. A wrong selection not only upsets that Cost, but can also adversely impact Business Performance.

We recognize that selecting a right candidate for a position, especially when it comes to hiring a Top Management Post, is both a challenge and job more than half well done. Towards this, we assist Organizations to take the help of our tested and scientifically designed battery of Psychometric Assessments, which ensures that the chosen candidate possesses the right mix of Personality, Behaviour, Attitude, Values, Competencies and Communication Styles and many such attributes, besides the right combination of Qualification and Experience.

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